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President's Report by Milton Guerry

The global robotics industry looks at the proposed European Artificial Intelligence Act. What impact will it have on our economy and the automation industry?

Humans And Robots Go To School Together

A push to automate is changing the way humans and machines work together. The number of industrial robots installed in factories reached about 3 million units worldwide in 2020 – more than doubling in ten years. The IFR has researched how robotics training shapes current and future workforce education, enhancing skills development for employees. 

Mobile Robots Revolutionize Industry

Robot mobility is booming worldwide: Unit sales of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in the logistics sector e.g. will increase by 31% between 2020 and 2023 annually. At the same time, the use of AMRs in public environments will also go up rapidly – IFR predicts unit sales will grow by 40% per year worldwide. 

China leads post-pandemic recovery

The preliminary World Robotics data for China released by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) shows a sales increase of industrial robots by 19% in 2020. 

World Robotics 2021 will soon be published

World Robotics 2021 will be published on 28 October 2021. You can already place your order for World Robotics 2021 now. You will get World Robotics 2020 at once and World Robotics 2021 after the publication in October.

IERA Award 2022 - Apply now

IFR and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE/RAS) are looking for applicants for the next IERA Award presentation. In 2022 the event will be hosted in June at the International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) in Munich, Germany.

Our latest Blogs

Multi-Tasking Industrial Robots: A Future Within Reach for Today’s Manufacturers

For decades, robots were designed and programmed to perform one task and one task only.

The Mobile Revolution
How autonomous mobile robots are reshaping manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail
Advances in programming lower cost of adoption
New tools, platforms and approaches make robot programming easier, reducing overall installation costs and changing skills requirements.

New Case Studies

Robots improve health at work
Robots can significantly improve health at work in industry sectors that involve heavy lifting, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail.
Robots give healthcare workers more time to focus on patient care
t’s not just patients and healthcare staff that are on the move in hospitals. 
Robots support people with limited mobility in hands and arms
Robots support wheelchair-bound people who have limited mobility in their hands and arms.
Innovative application of bin-picking of Fraunhofer IPA and Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

In the field of robotics, bin-picking is a challenging task. And critically speaking, the spread of bin-picking is still far behind expectations.

Automated pick, pack and palletization
Manual end of line packaging operation in a warehouse involves challenges such as Labor shortage, Longer idle times, Slower pick speeds resulting in conveyor stoppage and Order packing errors. 
Automation of glue application on shoe soles
A shoe manufacturer was looking for an automated solution for glueing shoe soles to increase quality. 

Member News

ABB to acquire ASTI Mobile Robotics Group

ABB announced it will acquire ASTI Mobile Robotics Group (ASTI), a leading global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer with a broad portfolio across all major applications enabled by the company’s software suite. 


FANUC produces 750,000th robot
FANUC Corporation, one of the world's most prominent suppliers of automation technology, produced its 750,000th industrial robot, which is more than any other manufacturer in this segment.

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