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President's Report by Marina Bill

The year has started on a cautiously optimistic note for the robotics industry. Supply chain disruptions are slowly fading out and order books are filled. The robotics community is eagerly preparing for the upcoming trade shows and conferences in the second quarter of the year.

One Million Robots Work in Car Industry Worldwide

The automotive industry has the largest number of robots working in factories around the world: Operational stock hit a new record of about one million units. This represents about one third of the total number installed across all industries.

The Rise of the Robots - The Economist Podcast

Susanne Bieller, IFR General Secretary, talks about the future of robotics in The Economist's latest money talk. Kim Povlsen, Universal Robots, spoke on the necessity of automation.

Top 5 Robot Trends 2023

The stock of operational robots around the globe hit a new record of about 3.5 million units – the value of installations reached an estimated 15.7 billion USD. The IFR analyzes the top 5 trends shaping robotics and automation in 2023. 

 How Asia, Europe and America Invest

Countries around the world invest in robotics to support developments in industry and society. What are the exact targets of robotics research funding programs (R&D) officially driven by governments in Asia, Europe and America today?

IERA Award 2023 - Evaluation process started

IFR and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE/RAS) are looking for a winner for the next IERA Award. The judges will soon nominate three applicants for a final session at the ICRA conference on June 1, 2023 in London.

ISR Americas and Europe coming up

Registration is open for the ISR Amercias in May during Automate show in Detroit. ISR Europe 2023 still accepts papers for the event in September in Stuttgart.

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Traditional robot programming vs AI & machine vision

Thanks to new technologies such as AI and machine vision, robots can be cost-effective even for custom projects or one-of-a-kind products.


Nelson Shea and Jeff Burnstein Selected for 2023 Engelberger Awards

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced two winners of the 2023 Engelberger Awards: Roberta Nelson Shea, Universal Robots and Jeff Burnstein, A3. 

New Case Studies

Shaken not stirred – robots in the cell factory

Chengda Biotech manufactures vaccines for rabies, encephalitis and other diseases. The vaccine is cultivated in cell factories: small trays which not need only handling but also oscillation flips, i.e. continuous movement in order to make the vaccine material reproduce itself.

Increased Productivity at Okura Kogyo
Okura Kogyo is a Japanese manufacturer of logistic equipment and systems. Their offering includes design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of conveyors and conveying systems. 
New colleague: LBR iisy assists plastic finishers during quality inspection
A flexible, efficient and meticulous employee is what every boss wants, and that’s precisely what Bastian Fest from FMO Surface found in the LBR iisy. Hand in hand with its team, the cobot now checks Data Matrix codes for quality and completeness. 

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