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President's Report by Marina Bill

As this year draws to a close and we consider what the year ahead will bring we see that there are many uncertainties in the world, and the robotics industry is looking towards an economic outlook that is more challenging than when we compiled our global IFR forecast. 

Robots Help to Solve “Japan’s 2024 Problem”

Japan faces a labor shortage impact in 2024 as new overtime regulations for truck drivers come into force. The world´s number one robot manufacturing country is developing automation strategies that will not only target logistical issues but also a wide range of industry challenges the new working time legislation will cause. 

Staff Shortage Boosts Service Robots – Sales Up 48%

The total number of service robots sold for professional use hit 158,000 units in 2022 - an increase of 48%. Shortage of staff is a strong driver for companies to automate. 

How to Automate Small and Midsized Enterprises

As technology advances, robotics is becoming an increasingly important tool across industries to enhancing efficiency, productivity and safety in the workplace. Whether you’re interested in automation solutions, cobots, autonomous mobile robots or automated guided vehicles, we’ve got you covered with the latest news, trends, and expertise in the world of robotics.

IERA Award 2024 - Apply until 10 February 2024

IFR and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE/RAS) are looking for applicants for the next IERA Award. Deadline for submission is February 10, 2024. The presentation takes place during ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan.

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Service robots have the potential to provide support

In general, the situation we all had to deal with during the last years strongly supported the acceptance of technology and digitalization. This sometimes created a hype for new robotic solutions and now we see some consolidation of this phase.


Industrial robotics demonstrated its ability to perform extremely well against expectations

As has already been widely reported during the last year, global economic and geopolitical challenges continued in force during 2022 and resulted in many unwelcomed operational constraints to industry and business.

Tireless Logistics Robots are On the Rise

A look at the numbers reveals the following: The service robotics segment, which also includes robots in logistics, is booming like never before. According to the IFR, global sales volumes in 2019 have grown by over 30 percent compared to the previous year – sales volumes for logistics robots even grew by 110 percent. 


Automation of the SME sector: 4 myths and their debunking

A McKinsey study shows that companies worldwide will invest more than 25 percent of their capital in automation solutions in the coming years. However, the study also shows that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular have been hesitant to do so.


New Case Studies

Intelligent robots for commercial laundries
In the industrial laundry sector, automation has made it possible to process up to 100 tons of textiles per day, almost entirely without human intervention. However, until recently, loading towels or bed sheets into laundry folding machines was still a genuinely manual task.
Robots in the Bakery
“Bakisto” could relieve supermarket and discount store employees from repetitive tasks, introduce higher levels of reliability into the baking process and reduce food waste. The system involves a robot performing important work steps, such as loading the baking tray, inserting and removing the tray from the oven, and stocking the displays.
Automating High Mix/Low Volume
Tending the machines was a time-consuming task for their employees, who had to stand in front of the machines all day long to ensure the machines would not stand idle for too long at a time. In addition, the repetitive and monotonous nature of the task made it difficult for the company to find and keep skilled operators.

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